Links to webpages of our collaborators and friends.

weblink   David Adalsteinsson
Interface problems of various kinds. Use methods based on the Level Set Method.

weblink   Richard Boucher
The UNC Cystic Fibrosis Pulmonary Research and Treatment Center is a large, multidisciplinary group focused on the pathogenesis and therapy of cystic fibrosis and other lung diseases

weblink   Henrik Dohlman Lab
Signal transduction and systems biology in yeast.

weblink   Nikolay V. Dokholyan
We are a theoretical/computational group in the Department of Biochemisty and Biophysics at UNC.

weblink   Beverly Errede Lab
Function and Regulation of MAP-kinase Activation Pathways in Saccaromyces Cerevisiae

weblink   M. Gregory Forest 
Transport processes in the lung
Flow and Structure of Nano-Materials & Macromolecular Fluids. Greg is also part of the Virtual Lung project.

weblink   Shawn Gomez Lab
Our research is focused on the study of biological processes from an integrated or systems viewpoint, commonly referred to as Systems Biology.

weblink   Klaus Hahn Lab
Spatio-temporal dynamics of motility signaling. Visualization and photomanipulation of signaling in living cells and animals.

weblink   Jeff Hasty Biodynamics Lab
Synthetic genetic networks, systems biology, and more at UCSD.

weblink   Ken Jacobson’s Lab
Our laboratory is interested in the fundamental microstructure of membranes.

weblink   Gary Johnson Lab
Signaling networks controlling cell function and disease