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This is an mp4onsite video  by Sam Ramiriez posted using the “Add media” button, then selecting a video.  It plays in the edit window visual tab, but not when viewed in the Browser (chrome or safari).  Also it adds a black rectangle to the right of the video as long as the page is extended (forever).


The bootstrap video button does NOT work.  You have to have the PRO version activated for it to work.  But did not see any way to get that or to access the bootstrap settings.  That is kuku.

Add rings mp4 video from onsite.  It automatically makes a link to the gif and when you click it it opens in its own window player and the gif plays but it won’t simply play on the page where it is inserted.


This is another mp4 inserted through media library which plays in the edit window but not in the view browser window. (chrome, safari) by Jeff Snell.




Grid of 3 soliloquy sliders with mp4 video in each. Does not play in chrome or safari.


See if this soliloquy video works.


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