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Modeling and Image Analysis of Motility Signaling Networks

The Labs of Drs. Tim Elston and Klaus Hahn are seeking a postdoctoral research associate to develop mathematical models and image analysis tools to investigate molecular mechanisms that regulate the spatiotemporal dynamics of signaling during cell migration. The Hahn lab develops engineered proteins to monitor and perturb signaling networks with precise spatiotemporal resolution in living cells and animals.  The goal of this project is to combine these experimental approaches with quantitative image analysis and mathematical models developed in the Elston lab to elucidate signaling networks that coordinate the behavior of different subcellular systems and organelles during migration. This position is funded by a grant through the Army Research Office. Please contact Dr. Elston at or Dr. Hahn at UNC-Chapel Hill is located in central North Carolina midway between the coastal island beaches and the Smoky Mountains National Park. It is in a center of academic, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical research, neighboring Duke, NC State, and the Research Triangle.